This is the way we produce the oil in our oil press

High quality Extra Virgin Olive il made from cornicabra and arbequina varieties

Our oil press is located in Porzuna (Ciudad Real), where we produce our 100% natural olive juice.

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How we get our extra virgin olive oil

To obtain our extra virgin olive oil we follow a strict quality control on every stage of the production process from the selection of the olives to the bottling. Our goal is to keep the properties and benefits of the olive oil. Since the highest quality is our main goal, we produce only and exclusively extra virgin olive oil. We obtain it by crushing the fruit trough mechanical processes that take place at low temperatures in order to keep all the vitamins, taste and smell of the olives.

Characteristics of our oil and varieties we use to produce it

It is an extra virgin olive oil which is very aromatic and fruity. It tastes a little bit like the olive leaves. It also has a bit bitter and more hot taste. It is a blend oil, obtained through the mixture of the virtues of the cornicabra variety on a great portion and the ones of the arbequina variety.


It is the main variety of our extra virgin olive oil. It is autochthonous from Porzuna, Ciudad Real, among other regions. Here we can find a climate and ground conditions specially favourable to obtain olive oils of an exceptional quality. From the Phoenician, through the Roman and to the Arab, those cultures contributed over the centuries to a slow selection process that was the source of this particular variety of olive, exclusive from these regions and known all over the world thanks to their olive oils quality.

The Cornicabra variety, is the second Spanish variety in terms of cultivated area. With a slow growth, this variety is cultivated in traditional fields that, though they do not produce a so high yield as the intensive plantations, they let us take care of the process to obtain the olive oil in order to get the best quality.

With an extraordinary stability, the olive oils from the Cornicabra variety have high content in oleic acid, polyphenol and antioxidant wich provide them with a great resistance to the oxidation.


It is the variety that complements our extra virgin olive oil. This variety is characteristic from Tarragona, Lérida and the northern region of Aragon. Its small size and its early beginning in the production process makes it specially adequate for the new intensive plantations and for the mechanized farming. That’s why it has also been extended to the rest of farming regions in Spain and in the whole world. Its olive oil has a fruity smell of olives and other fruits like apples, bananas and almonds. It is a very fluid oil with a sweet taste with slight notes of bitterness and hot spices.