Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our best olive juice in different formats, according to your needs

Villajos Extra virgin olive oil

Agrovillaserra SL produces an Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Cornicabra and Arbequina olives.

We offer presentations on PET, glass and tin formats with different sizes, ranging from 250 ml to 5 L content capacity.

250 ml glass bottle

The Villajos EVOO 250 ml translucent glass is ideal for making gifts due to its practical format.

500 ml glass bottle

The Villajos EVOO 500 ml dark glass format offers the oil the protection against light necessary to maintain the organoleptic properties of the product.

750 ml tin

The Villajos EVOO 750 ml tin combines the main needs the oil requires so it can keep its organoleptic properties and can be easily used by our consumers.

1 l Pet container

The Villajos EVOO 1 litre PET format is ideal for everyday use thanks to its practical size.

2 l Pet container

The Villajos EVOO 2 litres PET format is a convenient container for handling and transport.

5 l Pet container

The Villajos EVOO 5 litres PET format is ideal to arrange in the home and refill the containers of daily use.